Joule Therm CEP - An Innovative Heating Solution

Using carbon graphite paint, space saving innovative heating Turn any plastered / plasterboard wall into a radiant heater using paint!

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Joule Therm CEP Ceramic Electric Radiators

by GreenTec International
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Smart Wireless Central Control Technology

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The Innovative Plasterboard Radiator


The JouleTherm CeP range allows the custom building of electric radiant heaters onto plasterboard walls or ceilings using specially designed components and techniques.

The JouleTherm CeP is a special 24V nano technology carbon conductive paint. It can turn plasterboard walls or ceilings into radiant heaters with very low running costs.

Space saving is also an advantage as the JouleTherm CeP is completely invisible to the naked eye.

To find out more about this exciting innovative discovery in heating call 01543 227300.

Joule Therm JTR Ceramic Electric Radiators

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The JouleTherm JTR ceramic electric radiators are suitable for replacing old, outdated storage heating or simply adding a very efficient heating and control system to your property.

Each radiator has a built in radio receiver, that can be controlled by a single touchscreen control panel. This amazing feature allows simple control of your heating, all from one location.

Product Highlights

• Designed & Engineered in Glasnevin, Dublin

• Superior ceramic heat retention tablets for energy savings

• Child lock keypad on each radiator

• Over 2500 systems installed into houses, apartments, offices, schools, holiday homes and more

• Controlling over 40 heating zones and hot waters systems wirelessly from one central location

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